Slaats Fruit Patee
Slaats Fruit Patee

Slaats Fruit Patee

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Slaats Fruit Patee is a complete diet for small fruit and insect eating birds – and useful as an additional feed for bigger Softbills.

Slaats Fruit patee has a low iron content – less than 100ppm – and has been formulated by rigorous research into frugivore diets. It contains 5% fruit to provide natural energy and vitamins. The fruit particles are included in small granular form.

This patee is devoured by Honeycreepers, Tanagers, Zosterops, Euphonias, Manakins, Sunbirds and also by exotic finches and waxbills. (Slaats formerly supplied this patee to Avian who marketed it in their own product range.)