Softbill Birds

As a private breeder of small Softbills, Jonathan Stephenson occasionally has spare captive-bred birds to exchange with other aviculturalists in the United Kingdom and Europe. The foreign softbills in his aviaries include Zosterops, Honeycreepers, Bulbuls, Yuhinas, Flycatchers, Mesias, Bee Eaters and Bluebirds.
He is a member of The Avicultural Society, Foreign Softbill Society UK and The Waxbill Finch Society. On Facebook he is active on the 'SBBK' [Softbill bird breeders & keepers] page and founded the 'Zosterops in Aviculture' page.

Softbill birds (& others) currently available as at 24 April March 2019 – mostly close-rung with dna certificates:

1.0 Green-headed sunbird [Cyanomitra verticalis]
1.1 White-throated Bee Eater [Merops albicollis]
1.0 Yellow-ringed White-eye Zosterop [Zosterops wallacei]
1.0 Red-crested Finch [Coryphospingus cucullatus]
1.1 Jacarini Finch/Blue-Black Grassquit [Volatinia jacarina]
1.0 Amethyst Starling [Cinnyricinclus leucogaster]