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Cardinal Seed

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Cardinal Seed mixed to the Jan Koening formula
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We are proud to be the sole importers in the UK of the celebrated Cardinal Seed mixed to the Jan Koening formula. This mix is exceptional and includes 22 different seed varieties. 

Canary seed, East European millet, White millet, Red millet, Boekwelt, Linseed, Gep oats, Hemp seed, Paddy, Wheat, Wild seeds, Darl red, Pointed oats, Sunflower seeds, Radish seed, Darl white, Katja Itjoe, Niger seed, Pine seed, Chicory, Perilla white, Grass seed.

It is very rare for a wholesome Cardinal seed mix to be available in the UK. Cardinal keepers in the UK have generally had to tolerate using inadequate Tropical and Lovebird mixes.

Cardinals need a wide range of seeds such that they enjoy in the wild in North and South America.