Sunbird Nectar
Sunbird Nectar

Sunbird Nectar

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From Autumn 2019 we advise customers to order the De Imme Nectar – which is an excellent product formulated with organic ingredients. It is basically the same formulation as Avian Nectar but includes pollen.

Sunbird Nectar from Avian is suitable for sunbirds, sugarbirds, honeycreepers, zosterops, tanagers, chlorophonias, bulbuls and all fructivore birds. 

We feed our Zosterops at least two types of Nectar so that they do not become dependent on just one variety – and to give them variety in their diet. This trusted Nectar contains spirulina which is excellent for enhancing Zosterop feather colouring.

Mix 10 grammes per 100 ml of luke warm water. Slowly add the nectar powder to lukewarm water stirring constantly to dissolve. Do not use a mixer or whisk as this could destroy the vitamins.